About Our Chapter

As a CFM, our roles involve a high level of analysis, dealing with risk, resources, contracts, forecasting, and management in order to deliver customized projects for our clients, under budget, and by established deadlines. Our industry-unique because our work is complex, challenging, and fast-paced.  With over 8,300 members across 99 chapters, the CFMA is one of the most useful resources a Construction Financial Manager can find.


The Central New York Chapter of CFMA serves as the primary resource for construction financial professionals in Syracuse, NY. Founded in 1996, our members consist of construction firms, including general contractors, construction managers, specialty and trade contractors, heavy and highway contractors, as well as service providers to the construction industry such as accounting firms, insurance, and surety bonding providers, construction lawyers, and IT firms.  


Whether you are new to our industry or have been in construction your whole career, CFMA offers the benefit of personal and professional growth and a diverse peer network found in no other association.